GYPSY NIGHT Luxury Essential Oil + Bath Booster


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For invigorating mornings, inspired nights, and easy breathing. Aromatherapist and sommelier crafted to deliver a sophisticated and distinct layered fresh aromatic profile. An herbaceous and refreshing blend of Sicilian lemon and green bergamot married with sweet basil leaf, tulsi, and revitalizing mint.

Top: Rosemary camphor mint, sweet spearmint
Heart: Sweet basil leaf, tulsi


Sweet Basil oil exhibits a distinctly fresh green herbaceous aromatic profile that awakens the senses.

is an adaptogen with an ituitive sense of creating wellness depending on what energies the body need, relaxing or awakening. Distilled in India from the flowers and leaves where it has been treasured for centuries.

Bergamot citrus peel oil
displays a rich juicy slightly floral and rich rich fruity bouquet with a slightly herbaceous undertone. Prized by aromatherapists for the linalyl acetate molecule being able to instantly calm, uplift and balance emotions. Also supports physical relaxation as it can ease tense muscles and joints.

helps to reduce unwanted bacteria and viruses as well as reduce inflammation and pain. High menthol molecular content helps to clear the respiratory system. Refreshes the senses and stimulates new ideas.


Add a few drops to your aroma diffuser or bath water.

Pure essential oils of Ociminum basilicum oil*, Cymbopogon martini oil*, Ocimum sanctum oil, Rosearinus officinalis oil*, Mentha piperata oil*, Mentha spicata oil*

*Certified organic