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Most Loved Kit

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A wonderful test / gift set with 5x 1ml sample bottles of the most popular Abel fragrances.

Cyan Nori:

Top - tangerine, white peach
Heart - Musk (vegetable derived)
Base - nori seaweed

Green Cedar:

Top - magnolia, cardamom
Heart - Cyporol, Guaiac Wood
Base - Texas + Atlas Mountain Cedar

Pink Iris:

Top - Sichuan pepper, raspberry leaf, basil
Heart - Orris root (iris), rose, jasmine
Base - Vanilla, Musk (vegetable derived)

Top - Veilchen (Violet Leaf)
Heart - Mimose, Narzisse
Base - Heu

Top -fleur l’orange, Bulgarian rose, lentisque
Heart - jasmin sambac, ginger
Base -rose, lentisquejasmin sambac, gingerEast Indian sandalwood

5x 1ml

Cyan Nori
Tangerine oil - Brazil
Aldehyde c14 - *plant derived peach note
Ambrettolide – *plant derived musk note
Hexenol cis-3 – *plant derived green tea note
Bergamot oil – Italy
Ambroxan – *plant derived ambergris note
Nori absolute - France
Non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic

Inci (potential allergens): Alcohol, parfum (including citral, citronellol, limonene, linalool).

Green Cedar

Magnolia flower oil - China
Cardamom oil - India
Cardamom oil - Guatemala
Angelica root oil - Belgium
Chamomile oil - Egypt
Cumin oil - Egypt
Cypriol oil - India
Guaiac wood oil - Paraguay
Ambroxide - China *plant derived ambergris note
Ambrettolide - India *plant derived musk note
Cedarwood oil - Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Cedarwood oil (twice distilled) - Texas, USA
Non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic

Inci (potential allergens): Alcohol, parfum (including linalool, limonene, geraniol, isoeugenol, citral, farnesol)

Pink Iris

Sichuan pepper oil - China
Basil oil - Comores Islands
Bergamot oil - Italy
Lemon oil - Italy
Grapefruit oil - Italy
Methyl anthranilate - *plant derived grape note
Carrot seed oil
Hexenol cis-3 - *plant derived matcha tea note
Frambinon® - *plant derived raspberry leaf note
Cabreuva oil - Paraguay
Linalool oil
Rose absolute
Phenylethyl acetate nat. - *plant derived honey note
Jasmin absolute - Egypt
Violet leaves absolute - Egypt
lonone beta - *plant derived rose note
Orris butter concrete - France
Heliotropin/piperonal - *plant derived vanilla note
Vanillin - *plant derived vanilla note
Bezoin siam absolute
Tonka bean absolute - Venezuela
Ambroxan - *plant derived ambergris note
Ambrettolide - *plant derived musk note
Non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic


Mimosa - India
Narcisse - France
Bergamot - Italy
Verbena - Morocco
Carrot seed oil - France
Violet leaf - Egypt
Hay absolute - France
Cedarwood oil - Texas
Copaiba - Brasil
Amyris - Haiti
Grapefruit - Brazil


- Morocco
- Italy
- Italy
- Italy
- Nigeria
- Bulgaria
- Tunisia
- India
- France
- Brazil
- Haiti
- East India
- Sri Lanka
- *naturally derived ambergris note - China
- *naturally derived musk note - India
- Italy *organic

- limonene, linalool, geraniol, citral, citronellol, farnesol, benzyl alcohol, isoeugenol, eugenol, benzyl benzoate


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