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Promotes blood circulation, offers a decongestant effect and relieves tense muscles.

The NOTO BIAN STONE FACIAL TOOL from NOTO Botanics can be used daily to promote blood circulation, to relieve stress in tense facial muscles, and to support and stimulate the lymph in the face and neck area. Stimulating lymphatic drainage helps release swelling caused by fluid retention, thereby providing a decongestant effect. These positive properties of using this tool will make your skincare routine even more effective and your skin will visibly benefit from it. And of course using the NOTO BIAN STONE FACIAL TOOL feels absolutely great.


- Stimulates blood circulation
- Can thereby stimulate collagen production and promote cell turnover
- Can reduce fine lines with regular use
- Has a decongestant effect and can reduce inflammation
- May improve the appearance of dark circles (from sleep deprivation)
- Temporarily tightens the skin
- Shapes facial muscles
- Relieves stress-related tension

Why Bian Stone?
This stone contains up to 40 trace elements that promote skin regeneration, reduce internal inflammation and have anti-aging properties. The thermal conductivity of the Bian stone also supports the elimination of toxins in the face.

1 tool

- Always start with clean skin that has been prepped with a skincare product of your choice. Our favorite is NOTO's Deep Serum to ensure the tool glides ideally on the skin.
- Use the rounded end of the spoon to gently shape the face. Concentrate on the area below the cheekbones. The special, rounded shape of the Gua Sha spoon enables a deeper and more precise massage effect.
- Use the smaller end of the tool on the acupressure trigger points on your face, concentrating on the areas near the brow bone, temples, ears and along the jawline. Massage these trigger points in small, slow circles.
- Take a deep breath and feel the tension release.

100% Bian Stone