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Forage Botanicals

Forage Botanicals

Natural remedies for your period.

Forage Botanicals Founder Natasha Richardson holds a Bsc (Hons) (Bachelor of Science) in Herbal Medicine and is also a trained doula and midwifery practitioner with years of experience. Her 10+ years of experience in private clinics helping women with menstrual problems from menarche (the first menstrual period) through menopause left a deep mark on her before writing her book, Your Period Handbook. To this day, Natasha and her team take care of many women while she is specifically focusing on product development for Forage Botanicals. And of course, like all women, she is an absolute power woman, because besides her work she is also raising her son and doing research at the University of Oxford for her master's degree, where she examines the history of women's medicine from 1850 to 2010.

Notes from Natasha:

“I started Forage Botanicals because I myself have suffered from severe menstrual pain for years and it has seriously impacted my life. Unfortunately, doctors often ignored me. It took me a long time to discover and use the amazing herbal pharmacy right in front of my doorstep. I hope that my products from Forage Botanicals will make the world of medicinal herbs & Co. much more accessible for those affected from period problems."

"My historical research at Oxford examines why we have developed medical 'articles' made specifically for people with a female cycle - such as the birth control pill - and how these affect our experience and expectations of being female. This research is informative and keeps me aware of how they affect gendered experiences.'

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