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natural wisdom

Organic | Earth Friendly | Vegan Skincare & Haircare

Food for skin and hair. Natural Wisdom was founded in 2007 by Maeve Smith out of her passion for herbology and healthy nutrition and has anchored
strong ecological and ethical values from the very beginning. Natural Wisdom is more than just care. Each product contains only the best and most effective ingredients for people and the environment.
No plastics are used in the packaging as much as possible and zero waste is a priority.

100% vegan & animal free | Eco Packaging | no unnecessary ingredients | certified organic, ECOCERT & COSMOS or 100% natural ingredients
in raw food quality | handmade in small batches | care that works

"I create all my care products in such a way that they are much more than just 'good' for our skin. Because our skin is so much more than just our outer shell.
It is the outside of our inside and although it protects our inside, it is still very sensitive and vulnerable and is constantly under attack from outside influences.
Therefore we have to protect it. That's why I create raw organic skin care products that nourish, protect and love our skin and hair. Maeve

Natural Wisdom Bounce Caffeine Conditioner €21,00
€26,25 / 100g
Natural Wisdom Raw Organic Black Seed Oil (C02 Extracted) €28,00
€93,33 / 100ml

Natural Wisdom Bounce Shampoo Bar Sold Out

Natural Wisdom Blue Tansy Oil Gel (to Lotion) Facial Cleanser €32,00
€64,00 / 100ml

Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tranquility Balm Concentrate €32,00
€106,66 / 100g

Natural Wisdom Solace Vitamin C Serum Moisturiser €32,00
€64,00 / 100ml

Natural Wisdom Organic Fruits & Roots Gel to Milk Cleanser €32,00
€64,00 / 100ml

Natural Wisdom The Lamu Vanilla Facial Cleanser €22,50
€32,14 / 100g