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Dafna’s is a Spanish brand that combines herbalism, aromatherapy and the principles of Ayurveda, a system of medicine that takes into account the mind, body and spirit. Dafna Shaham, founder and CEO of the brand summarizes it as follows; “first, skincare has to be healthy for you, then it has to have real results on your skin, and third, it has to create an emotional experience that allows you to reconnect to yourself”.

If you're on Instagram and interested in high-end niche natural cosmetics brands, you might already know her -.Yasmine Digneffe akaa.touch.of.violet! Since the beginning of Genuine Selection, Yasmine has been a 'go to' person for us when we are looking for new brands and often ask her for her personal opinion. Her taste in brands is exquisite and high quality, her knowledge of ingredients and products is phenomenal AND she is one of the nicest people we have met on social media.
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Facial care is not for men? Many think so and I have also thought so for a long time. While facial care for women is something quite normal and part of the daily morning and evening routine, a care routine for many men is still the exception.But a care routine must be anything but elaborate. In general it consists of only two steps, cleaning and grooming. In addition, the care prevents impurities and moisturises the skin - which in turn prevents premature skin ageing.
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Diese kleinen Schokokekse sind nicht nur EXTREM LECKER (Achtung, Suchtgefahr!), sondern sind auch um einiges gesünder als die, die du in deinem Supermarkt
um die Ecke im Regal findest UND sie heben dank der verwendeten Adaptogene ganz nebenbei noch deine Stimmung. Was will man mehr.

LILFOX founder Alexis Rose has been creating effective and wonderfully fragrant skincare products in beautiful, sunny Miami since 2014. The trained former sommelière
immersed herself in the unique world of aromatherapy and natural cosmetics during her 20s and turned her passion into her profession.

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Naya Skincare is a brand that has been here on Genuine Selection from the very beginning. We would like to introduce you to the founder Sarah and the history of her brand.