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Favorite discoveries + personal routine from Dafna’s

Today we’d like to tell you a bit more about one of our favorite brands, Dafna’s. Dafna’s is a Spanish brand that combines herbalism, aromatherapy and the principles of Ayurveda, a system of medicine that takes into account the mind, body and spirit. Dafna Shaham, founder and CEO of the brand summarizes it as follows; “first, skincare has to be healthy for you, then it has to have real results on your skin, and third, it has to create an emotional experience that allows you to reconnect to yourself”. Dafna Shaham’s mission is to foster positive feelings through people touching and smelling her creations. Using Dafna’s products is not just a routine, it’s a whole ritual and sensory experience. 

Yasmine; “Today I’m talking you through my personal favorites from the brand, and some tips on how to elevate your experience using them.”

Yasmine's personal Dafna's beauty ritual:

A staple in my routines is the Recovery Cleanser, a luscious balm-to-milk cleanser formulated with oils of Moringa, Olive & Bamboo, combined with extracts of Calendula & Sage. This combination of ingredients both purify and nurture the skin, removing make-up and daily grime in the most gentle and effective way. This cleanser (with the texture of a semi-melted balm) melts into a luscious thick oil upon massaging it into the skin, turns into a milk when water is added and when rinsed away, a light layer of hydrating oils are left behind. It’s the perfect start to any routine, and with its orangey/rosemary aroma it really is uplifting and calming at the same time. This cleanser is created to offer pleasure, an indulgent treatment to offer optimal relaxation. This cleanser doubles up as an overnight mask, just apply instead of your usual oil/balm and wake up to healthy glowing skin.

Once or twice a week a treatment with Detoxify is recommended. Detoxify is a luxurious jet black gel-to-milk exfoliator and mask all in one, both regenerating and brightening. Used as a mask, Detoxify helps to reduce the effects of pollution and free radicals (spots, lines, uneven skin look, grey look) on the skin. While massaging in the product, powders of avocado and bamboo buff away dead skin cells and gently polish the skin. Something very cool is that the skin warms up a bit when you apply the product, this is a natural reaction and will pass quickly. Even though this is an exfoliating mask, it is very delicate to the skin and therefore also suitable for sensitive skins. The inclusion of oils such as grape seed oil, Argan oil and soybean oil provide nourishment to the skin while active carbon unclogs pores and helps reduce the effects of pollution. The scent of Detoxify is very fresh with a combination of lemongrass and rosemary, it supports the feeling of ‘renewing’.

When the pores are unclogged and dead skin cells are removed, it’s the perfect time to mask with Revival. With its polka dot look Revival Beauty Mask mask not only looks unique, it is very special with its bi-phase action that detoxifies, nurtures and hydrates the skin. The white part of the mask - the first phase - is a combination of low-weight Hyaluronic Acid, Ginseng, Reishi mushroom and many more powerful ingredients formulated to bring back hydration and vitality to the skin. The second phase - the ‘breaking‘ of the black dots - activates the capsulated Charcoal, which “magnetizes” free radicals. Dafna formulated this mask for people who lead a hectic and stressful life and whose skin could do with a little boost of hydration and detoxification. A highly advanced facial mask that literally does it all in one go and that will suit all skin types (use it according to your skin type). With Revival you can see effects after just one application, the skin tone is unified, dewy, and has a natural glow.

After cleansing the skin (or after exfoliating and masking) it is recommended to always use a toner. This preps the skin for the next steps and brings the Ph level of the skin back to normal. Active Mist is an anti-aging toner that combines the powers of bioactive plants extracts and MelaCare™ - a dry oil created by a mix of camellia, lucky clover and candeia oil - known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing actions. Active mist will restore the skins natural tone, will fight signs of photo-aging and will provide hydration, glow and a sense of freshness to the skin. Besides using Active mist as a first hydration step, it is also wonderful to use it during the day to refresh the skin. Put your bottle in the fridge during hot summer days and this will bring you a truly cooling and refreshing experience. And if you’d like to elevate your masking experience, mix Active mist with any of your powder masks instead of water for extra hydration.

On damp skin (from either water or from misting the skin with Active Mist), I apply a few drops of Serenity face oil. Serenity is a calming beauty oil, not only to the skin but also to the senses. It is designed to help restore skin elasticity, calm irritations, sunburns and help with skin dryness. The inci list of this magical potion is quite impressive! Some of the ingredients included are organic extracts of Arnica, Chamomile, Blue Tansy and Chia, Centella Asiatica, Rosehip, Licorice and many more. Serenity is wonderful to use when the skin is in need of immediate soothing or just when you’re feeling stressed. A facial massage with Serenity is truly a calming and grounding experience. 

Created with passion and love, which can truly be felt by using the products.

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March 20, 2022

What a wonderful review! I love Dafna as wellend I completely agree with Yasmine. The recovery cleanser is beautiful and I also adore the purify cleanser. Dafna combines high quality and aromatherapy at a reasonable price, perfect for everyone also for stepping into the world of green and clean beauty for the first time.

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