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Kari Gran

Created by Kari Gran and Lisa Strain, friends and entrepreneurs, both with a need that nothing out there could satisfy, decided to trade in their day jobs for a DIY skin and lip care mission turned major must-have.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in her late-twenties, Kari started to think about the connection between what she put on her skin and her health. As a diehard beauty junkie, Kari wanted performance products that were also kind to her skin. Unable to find something in the market that met her conscious standards, she developed a natural, back-to-basics routine that made sense for her skin’s needs. With premium organic and naturally-derived ingredients, safe formulas, and simple applications, the products truly spoke for themselves.

Kari used her own system each day and would share with her friends who fell in love with the ease and effective nature of her products. It was Lisa who inspired Kari to move beyond her kitchen where she made her first batches to create a beauty brand all women could love. Today, the dynamic duo continues to make waves in the beauty space, offering products that defy convention and speak to the real needs of every woman.