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Cecilia Holistic Beauty

Imagine a little girl with a bouquet of colorful flowers in her hands in the arms of a big loving botanist grandfather. Cecilia Holistic Beauty founder Dr. Cecilia Perotti was born into the fascinating world of plants. In fact her family has been producing organic food supplements and natural cosmetic products from the finest ingredients since 1974. Inspired by the pristine natural environment of the family warehouse in northern Italy, she decided early on to devote her life to studying rare plants and the finest raw ingredients from around the world. To support this innate passion and fascination for beauty, art, literature and nature, after a classic lyceum, she decided to pursue a successful educational path, graduating with honors in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies at the University of Turin. The synergy of a tradition with ancient roots and her personal experiences were a fertile ground to deepen cosmetology, the sacred art of beauty and holistic rituals.

The death of her grandfather left Cecilia with a great desire to continue his devotion to nature. The little girl who helped her grandfather making 'magic potions
is now realizing her own dream: Cecilia Holistic Beauty. A blossoming flower with deep ancient roots was born.

Cecilia Holistic Beauty Blossom Elixir Lotion Toner €108,00
€108,00 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Golden Glow Baume Yeux €139,00
€926,66 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Miracle Baume from €85,00
€338,00 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Two Lips Mist - Rebalancing Intimate Toner €78,00
€156,00 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Super Om(e)ga | Well-Aging Supplement €35,00
€350,00 / 100g
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Ageless Crème Riche €179,00
€358,00 / 100ml

Cecilia Holistic Beauty Le Jeux Sérum Sold Out
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Celestial Lait - Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Milk €98,00
€98,00 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Midsummer Night Noir Masque €135,00
€270,00 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Blue Oceanic Potion €108,00
€108,00 / 100ml

Cecilia Holistic Beauty Sacred Sage Eau Micellaire - Deep Cleansing Purifying Toner €92,00
€92,00 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Golden Glow Sérum €278,00
€926,66 / 100ml
Cecilia Holistic Beauty Eternal Youth Serum €185,00
€616,66 / 100ml