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Phaedra Botanicals

Phaedra Botanicals has made it its mission to offer 100% efficient and pure skin care. This requires not only reliable and responsible partnerships, but also strict controls to ensure the absolute purity of raw materials, complete transparency regarding their ingredients, packaging materials and sustainability awareness.
Their focus is to keep all products 100% pure. The goal is to seek, find and deliver authentic, effective natural ingredients that offer unique properties with a good shelf life and eliminate the need for additives such as preservatives and essential oils. Production is always kept to a minimum in order to guarantee freshness to customers, who can then benefit from the bioactive properties that gradually diminish over time.

Phaedra Botanicals Erato's Multipurpose Essence Sold Out

Phaedra Botanicals Blue Hermes Revitalizing Mask €33,00 €38,00
€82,50 / 100g

Phaedra Botanicals SKIN PALETTE (+ more colors) €40,00
€444,44 / 100g
Phaedra Botanicals LIPS & CHEEKS BALM €24,00 €44,00
€266,66 / 100g

Phaedra Botanicals Transcendent The Lotion €76,00
€76,00 / 100ml
Phaedra Botanicals MOISTURIZING LIP GLOSS (+ more colors) €11,00
€220,00 / 100ml
Phaedra Botanicals Sappho’s Brightening Serum €90,00
€300,00 / 100ml
Phaedra Botanicals Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum €108,00
€360,00 / 100ml
Phaedra Botanicals GENTLE CLEANSING OIL €34,00 €42,00
€68,00 / 100ml
Phaedra Botanicals SARA'S COOLING GEL CLEANSER €46,00
€153,33 / 100g