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SHAMANIC The Colours

SHAMANIC make-up is inspired by the vibrant colours of the Amazon region. The consistent natural cosmetic recipes are based on nourishing resins, waxes and oils collected by hand directly in the rainforest and represent the consistent extension of their 100% natural cosmetic care line. The SHAMANIC make-up products are highly pigmented, caring, colour-intensive and captivate with their luminosity. They can also be wonderfully applied to the skin. They concentrate fully on effective and at the same time care-intensive natural decorative cosmetics.

The SHAMANIC make-up line is a construction kit of 30 vegan, 100% natural and certified products. From the jar all products can be created from foundation to eyeliner by mixing without any problems.
SHAMANIC Lip Gloss ( 5 different colours) €27,00 €29,00
€540,00 / 100ml
SHAMANIC Lip Colour & Rouge (3 different colours) €31,00 €35,00
€620,00 / 100ml
SHAMANIC Lip Colour (5 different colours) €31,00 €35,00
€620,00 / 100ml

SHAMANIC Eyeliner & Brow Pomade (3 colors) €27,00 €29,00
€450,00 / 100g
SHAMANIC Eye Shadow (5 Colours) €28,00 €31,00
€560,00 / 100ml

SHAMANIC Pigment Colour Powder (4 different colours) €31,00 €35,00
€1.550,00 / 100g

SHAMANIC Highlighter (3 different shades) €29,00 €33,00
€580,00 / 100ml