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ELYTRUM was founded by Lenka Sopciakova to help people feel alive, content and in tune with their body and mind. Searching for something that would improve and increase her physical and emotional well-being, Lenka came across the many positive benefits of the dry brushing method. The wonderful, hand-made and 100% natural and plastic-free dry and wet brushes make your daily beauty routine something very special.

All ELYTRUM natural brushes are handcrafted in Sri Lanka by a small family business. The company mainly employs disadvantaged local women who take great pride in making the biodegradable and eco-friendly brushes. They are treated fairly and with respect, are safe in their jobs and are never discriminated against. They all receive training and are paid fairly and above the usual standard wage for their work. This helps to lift entire generations out of poverty.


100% natural and vegan | made from renewable and sustainable resources | Toxic and plastic free | ethically & fairly handmade in Sri Lanka | environmentally friendly | compostable | durable | gentle on your skin

ELYTRUM Facial Glow Brush €17,00

ELYTRUM Foot / Nail Brush €12,00
ELYTRUM Palm Size Body Brush €19,00
ELYTRUM Exfoliating Dry Body Brush €29,50
ELYTRUM Revive Body Brush €25,00

ELYTRUM Natural Fine Silk Sponge €13,00