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Creature of Habit

Creature of Habit was born out of a deep desire to pare down and simplify 10-step skincare routines that have become the norm. Your skin and your stress level do not need them. With Creature of Habit, founder Jaina has created skincare products that are easy and quick to use, yet effective and instill a sense of mindfulness and self-love. It's about creating rituals that reconnect you with your skin.

"I used to watch my grandmother and mother go through their skincare routine every day - like a ritual. Her routines were so simple and easy to follow."

Jaina, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. After years of buying pretty much every product on the beauty market, she often felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and must-have products out there. And so did her skin. As a result, she has simplified her routine. But with that, the feeling of a ritual was lost. Realizing she needed to get back to basics, she drew inspiration from the simpler, more conscious routines her mother and grandmother followed. Her skincare and makeup routines are both completely different now. Their focus is now on using high quality ingredients instead of using 10 different products.

Being trapped in this cycle of over-consumption, which then led to a compromised skin barrier, inspired Jaina to create Creature of Habit. Creature of Habit is here to help people break out of this cycle of perpetual product consumption and pressure to try the next "fad". Her focus is to ensure her clients follow a simple, easy-to-follow skincare routine that isn't overwhelming and visibly improves skin.
Creature of Habit BAMBOO FACE CLOTH - set of 3 €24,00