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YLUMI was founded in early 2017 by the siblings Amely and Benjamin Kuchenbäcker. YLUMI was born out of their own search for a product that takes a holistic approach to body and mind, meets the highest quality standards and can be easily integrated into everyday life. YLUMI comes from the English word "illuminate" - which means "to illuminate, to enlighten". And this is exactly what YLUMI stands for: both spiritual and physical illumination. YLUMI lets the facets of the individual ego - the "me" - shine from inside and outside and accompanies it on the way to inner balance. The Y stands for Yin & Yang. According to this, everything in the world has two sides, positive and negative. They are subject to constant change. Yang is the active, impulse-giving principle and is called masculine. It stands for sun, day, light and movement. Yin embodies the inwardly directed passive energy and is considered to be feminine. Yin stands for night, darkness and silence. Only when the balance between Yin and Yang is right, real happiness and well-being can be achieved. This balance of opposites is represented with the well-known symbol of Yin and Yang.

Ylumi Sleep Spray €24,00
€80,00 / 100ml
Ylumi Calm Me Capsules €46,00
€95,83 / 100g
Ylumi Sunshine Drops €29,90
€99,66 / 100ml

Ylumi 2-Phase Smooth Skin Set €69,00
€172,50 / 100g
Ylumi Happy Mood Capsules €42,00
€113,51 / 100g
Ylumi Fem Love Capsules €42,00
€135,48 / 100g
Ylumi Bio Immun Capsules €29,00
€58,00 / 100g
Ylumi Purify Capsules €36,00
€102,85 / 100g
Ylumi Beautiful Age Capsules €41,20
€117,71 / 100g

Ylumi Coco Beauty Sparkle €54,00
€77,14 / 100g
Ylumi Energy Capsules €35,00
€116,66 / 100g

Ylumi Sleep Capsules €36,00
€109,09 / 100g

Ylumi Clean Capsules €36,00
€100,00 / 100g