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Lena Wild

Co-founders Yelena and Dany firmly believe that nature and beauty should be in the heart, mind and home of every human being. For both of them everything started with the skin. With Lena Wild, they have made it their mission to bring all the good that nature has to offer to our bodies. The skin, which faces the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, works very hard to protect us and maintain our inner well-being. It lets us feel, keeps the temperature in balance and offers countless other functions that we take for granted. In return, Lena Wild says it is time to reward your skin and body. With carefully selected natural and organic ingredients from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts and seeds, you want to give something back to your body. The skin-friendly products are not only a protective and nutritional product, but also a reminder to take some time out! But Lena Wild not only pays attention to the selection of high-quality ingredients, she also cares about our environment by reducing plastic and using more sustainable alternatives.

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