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Flower and Spice

Imagine walking through a colourful Parisian flower market. The soothing scent of the petals is in the air. Or imagine you're strolling through a market full of Indian spice stands. Shades of saffron, turmeric and indigo, as well as the tart, slightly sweet scent will stimulate your senses. Flower and Spice founder Karmen Nowak combines sensual aromas of coriander and roses with nourishing ingredients to create unique, effective products that soothe and illuminate not only your skin but also your senses!

Flower and Spice Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator *reformulated* €85,00
€70,83 / 100ml
Flower and Spice Soothe And Repair Daily Moisturiser Rose & Coriander €39,00 €72,00
€65,00 / 100ml
Flower and Spice PRISTINE BRIGHTENING ESSENCE €29,00 €69,00
€58,00 / 100ml