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Celestial Waves Sachet Selection

Natalia Botanicals

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15x adaptogenic power - ideal for when you're on-the-go.

Celestial Waves includes a selection of 5 blends of adaptogen elixirs created to enhance beauty, love, immunity, serenity, and balance filled into 15 on-the-go sachets.


3xBare Beauty Glowing Skin 3g
3xFull Mane Luscious Hair 3g
3xLove Potion Passion Igniter 3g
3xShiva Strength Immune Booster 3g
3xSerene Goddess Restorative Calm 3g

Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Sugar-Free | Non-GMO | No Fillers

15 Sachets â 3g

Add contents of sachet to tea, coffee, juice, milk, or your favourite raw/cooked recipes. 1 sachet per use.

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