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Natural Fine Silk Sponge


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With very small pores, ELYTRUM's soft Fine Silk Sea Sponge is ideal for cosmetic and beauty use, unequalled for either application or removal of the make-up. Their Fine Silk Sponge gently massages and cleanses the delicate facial skin, giving you a pampering feeling of silky softness. Also ideal for dry skin as well as the delicate skin of babies.

- Absorbent, super soft with fine texture and dense pores
- Ideal for baby’s bath time and the silk sponge gently caresses their delicate skin
- Great for facial cleansing
- Sustainably sourced from the Mediterranean, premium quality
- Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
- 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly

People have used natural sea sponges for thousands of years due to their unique qualities and durability. All of ELYTRUM's sea sponges are 100% sustainably sourced. Divers respect the environment by following ethical and sustainable methods of harvesting. When they cut the sponges from their root, they ensure that a part of them remains intact at the seafloor so that a new sponge can be generated. Additionally, the divers squeeze the sponges during harvesting, causing the seeds to drop. This method allows new sponges to grow in the next months and years.

1 Sponge

Use with water only as sea sponges are stiff and hard when dry. After use, carefully rinse the sponge to remove all soap residue or detergents which may cause the silk sponge to become weak. Do not use hot water and let the sponge dry naturally until the next use.

After every five uses, place the sponge in a baking soda solution with water for two-three minutes and rinse it well to remove soda residue. This process revitalises the sea sponge while any remaining dirt is fully rinsed away from the sponge.


All natural sea sponges are thoroughly cleaned of shells and sand during and after harvesting, however, we recommend that you check the sponge before first use.

100% natural sea sponge