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The BIOHACKER - Biodynamic Facial Serum-Powder

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Founder Adam uses seasonal ingredients for The Biohacker. Therefore, the formulation changes from season to season. The powerful apple peel extract is always included and the effect on the skin will always be the same.

This is no ordinary face mask!

The BIOHACKER from Nokodemion Hackney
is a biodynamic face serum powder concentrate that is used like a mask twice or more times per week. The unique formulation consists of 50% apple peel extract extracted in water. The apple molecules consist of skin-loving and nourishing phenols, polyphenols, rutin, chlorogenic acid, phloretin, phloridzin, luteolin, glucaric acid, ursolic acid and the prebiotic oligospectin. Apple peel extract has been shown in peer-reviewed research to be extremely antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Did you know that?

To extract just 25 grams of apple extract requires 20 average sized apples, which means that each The BIOHACKER contains 20 apples!

The other 50% contained is based on an ancient healing and skin rejuvenation formula from one of the three most important Ayurveda textbooks from ancient India called Astānga Hrdayam. The Lepam
(Herbal Paste) consists of 28 biodynamic herbs grown on organic, regenerative farms on permaculture soil and without pesticides, based on ancient Vedic medical astrology. From seed to processing, the farms work with the planetary and celestial influences between the plants and the planets, always calculating the peak times for planting and harvesting. This ensures that the plants and herbs used contain the highest concentration of active ingredients.
The BIOHACKER also contains two resins (almond resin and acacia resin) that are not cultivated, but are harvested directly from the wild and sustainably.

The formulation is extremely nutrient-rich, clay-free, contains no essential oils, no fillers, no thickeners and no binders. Plus, no preservatives are needed as the formulation is anhydrous and bottled in a special ultraviolet biophotonic miron glass to keep the living nutrients inside active.

Why is this a serum powder?

"I called it serum powder because The BIOHACKER is very different from traditional masks. We replace traditional ingredients often found in masks with powerful ingredients such as apple peel extract. Our formulation is more like an intensive rejuvenation serum. It really is a very different concept and product." - Adam Kima, founder of Nokodemion Hackney

In their East London studio, new batches are made every new moon. Each batch is mixed by hand and energetically charged with a frequency of 7.83 Hz or the Schumann resonance, which reflects the pulse or vibration of the earth.

The BIOHACKER is 100% pure nourishment for your skin, has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and rejuvenating effect and leaves your skin glowing and very soft after each use. Use several times per week for best results.

Always made in small batches, always biodynamic and handmade. 100% natural, sustainable & vegan.

Suitable for:

All skin types.


Due to the Indian herbs and spices used, The BIOHACKER smells pleasantly spicy with a sweet note.


Mix about a teaspoon with your choice of filtered water, pure rose water, or fresh juice. Apply the silky paste to already cleansed skin and leave it on for 45 minutes or more. The paste must be kept moist. Therefore, occasionally moisten with a hydrolate or water, because The BIOHACKER is only active when the paste is moist. Wet your fingers and gently massage the paste into your skin. The BIOHACKER acts like an extremely gentle yet effective peeling. Then wash off with water and apply your serum, moisturizer or balm of choice.


Mix The BIOHACKER with freshly brewed rooibos tea instead of water and add about 5 drops of organic honey. You can also use chamomile tea if you have sensitive skin.

apple peel extract:
Phenolics, Polyphenols, Rutin, Chlorogenic acid, Phloretin, Phloridzin, Luteolin, Glucaric acid, Ursolic acid, and prebiotic Oligospectine.

Astānga Hrdayam Lepam Biodynamic herbal Blend:

**Almond Resin, **Acacia Resin , *Trigonella foenum-graecum , *Asparagus racemosus, *Lens culinaris, *Vigna radiata, *Symplocos racemosa, *Caesalpinia sappan, *Rubia cordifolia, *Terminalia arjuna Bark, *Centella asiatica, * Saraca indica, *Curcuma aromatica,*Saussurea costus, *Tinospora cordifoli, *Withania somnifera,*Rosa, *Psoralea corylifolia, *Hemidesmus indicus,*Smilax China, *Pongamia pinnata, *Rosa canina L., *Small Kichli, *Millettia pinnata Oil, *Psoralea corylifolia Oil, *Matricaria chamomilla, *Garcinia indica Butter, *Glycyrrhiza glabra

-*from Regenerative Farms.
-**Sustainably foraged.


because only biodynamic, fresh herbs are used here, the ingredients of the herb paste can change slightly from season to season and from batch to batch. However, the effect on the skin will always be the same.


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