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The Intuitive - Botanical Facial Mist

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The Intuitive - A true master of ceremonies.

A floral water, a delicate breath. Clarifying and balancing. Powerful and calming.
 A gentle rhythm, a calm perspective, a place of contentment. Every fine drop has the power to release fears, stress and never-ending carousels of thoughts, while enhancing feelings of harmony and joy.

The Intuitive from Max & Me
- this refreshing, gently enveloping, extraordinary composition of floral waters, essential oils and cold-pressed beauty oils is a source of inspiration, calm and harmony for skin and soul. The Intuitive provides wonderful refreshment, luminosity and protection. Every single drop soothes agitated problematic skin, gently envelops sensitive skin and provides wonderful moisture for face, body and hair. In addition, The Intuitive brings so much beauty into your life through its relaxing, harmonizing effect, its ability to cleanse and lift energies and build a protective space. Amplify the impact of every single piece of the Max & Me collection by adding the element of water in all its holistic and energetic glory in the form of this fine floral water.

active forces

- deeply soothing, particularly pleasant for sensitive and challenging skin conditions
- anti-inflammatory agents that benefit acne, rosacea and all other problem areas
- refreshes thirsty skin so nicely
- balanced & regulated
- helps speed up the healing process
- protective powers
- brings serenity, balance
- leads to balance
- high-flying talents

fragrance note

Warm, woody tart spiciness with a tangy undertone of sweet freshness.

skin type / complexion

Wonderfully effective for all dry skin types ∙ problematic skin ∙ sensitive, difficult skin conditions

master ingredients

Palo Santo Hydrolate & Essential Oil, Yarrow, Wild Agonis, Blue Tansy, Immortelle, Calendula

High Vibe Glow - When good energy becomes visible

Palo Santo contains very special clarifying and protective energies and keeps the vibration high with its warm, sweet, woody scent. As the heart of The Intuitive, this sacred wood is a gentle companion to your center. It awakens your finest mindfulness and strengthens your confidence to listen more to your inner voice. With its wonderfully balsamic scent, The Intuitive connects you to the spirit and soul of your skin. Discover yourself deeper and more beautiful: go into perfect resonance with your natural flow of inner wisdom, intuitive knowledge - and perceive this in the smallest things and experiences in your everyday life.


At the beginning, The Intuitive, your very own master of ceremonies, guides you into conscious breathing. The Intuitive opens and completes and closes your personal Max & Me ritual, raising it to new heights and creating a light-flooded, protected space. Emotional serenity and tranquility fill you, in the stillness your intuition is wide awake, your mind is clear and alert wherever you direct your attention.

There are so many ways to incorporate this floral water into your life in the most beautiful way - just get creative:

∞ Mix their Beauty Balm with a few sprays before applying for a lighter texture
∞ For an extra dose of hydration and soothing effect, mix some Rescue Balm in your palms with a few spritzes of The Intuitive and 2-3 drops of I am the Light before applying
∞ add The Intuitive to any routine for problematic skin
∞ Use The Intuitive as a soothing refreshment for your skin during the hot summer months - for an even fresher and cooling effect, put the bottle in the fridge
∞ Use as an aura spray: acts more comprehensively than any skin care and balances emotions, mind and consciousness. It brightens your outlook, alleviates stress in times of change, breaks down blockages. When sprayed around your aura or in the room, it helps protect, ground, balance and clear the mood.
∞ Use as a room spray: enjoy the clarifying and cleansing effects, the tactile protective properties and the peaceful mood that The Intuitive spreads. Good before meetings and important conversations, during conferences - marvel at the calm and centered energy it conjures up in the room.
∞ Use as a conditioning hairspray: brings wonderful fragrance and freshness to your hair and provides it with moisture.
∞ Your perfect travel companion: creates a natural protective shield, wards off negative energies and provides deep moisture. Wherever you go, spray this wonderful spray in your hotel room, on your pillow or on your seat in the plane or car. With its high-vibrational plant essences, The Intuitive clears the energy and builds a protected space.
∞ Use as a pillow spray: brings a blissful feeling of calm and relaxation. The Intuitive helps you get deep, restful sleep.

Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Water1, Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo) Flower Water2, Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Flower Water1, Myrtus communis (Myrtle) Flower Water1, Hamamelis Virgiania (Witch Hazel) Flower Water1, Rosa Damascena Flower (Rose) Water1, Calendula Officinalis Flower (Calendula) Extract1, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil1, Lactobacillus Ferment, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil1, Sclerocarya Birrea Kernel (Marula) Oil2, Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo) Oil2, Citrus Aurantium Flower (Neroli) Extract1 , Hyssopus Officinalis Decumbens Hyssop)3, Citrus reticulata (Green Mandarin) Flower Extract1, Styrax Tonkinensis (Siam Benzoin) Oil1, Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Flower Oil1, Agonis Fragrans (Agonis) Oil2, Tanacetum Anuum (Blue Tansy) Oil3, Alcohol1, Benzyl Benzoate4, Benzyl Cinnamate4, Benzyl Salicylate4, Cineol4, Citral4, Citronellol4, Ethanol4, Eugenol4, Farnesol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4

1 from controlled organic cultivation 2 wild cultivation 3 from controlled organic wild cultivation 4 components of essential oils