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Your Period Handbook

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Natural remedies for a stress and pain-free menstruation.

With her book Your Period Handbook - Natural Solutions For A Stress Free Menstruation, founder Natasha has written an easy-to-understand and valuable guide for every woman, whose information is essential for understanding and recapturing a healthy female cycle.

Natasha is a medical herbalist and is specializing in women's health. She has helped hundreds of people in private practices and offers through Forage Botanicals science-backed natural solutions for stress-free menstruation.

Your Period Handbook draws on Natasha's personal experience of debilitating period pain and her clinical expertise to enlighten you about everything you never knew about your period and the often unwanted symptoms you experience during your cycle.

Empower yourself with a deep understanding of your body and learn to understand the effects of chronic stress with this insightful and thoughtful guide. This book is packed with practical tips, techniques and recipes to help you on your way to a symptom-free cycle. From herbal tea mixtures, tinctures, bath additives & Co, to a comprehensive overview of individual herbs and their uses, as well as chapters about your hormones and hormonal diseases & how they affect you, the pill and how stress affects your cycle - you will find it here. No woman should suffer during her cycle and this book will help you with that.

Words from Book Author & Forage Botanicals Founder Natasha:

"I'm convinced that we don't need medical qualifications to interpret our body's whispers. This book will teach you to listen to those whispers so you never have to hear your body screaming out loud for help." - Natasha

255 pages
Language: English

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