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FIRST AID KIT™ - urgent care

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No matter which Foundational Formula you choose, you should always have a bottle of First Aid Kit on hand (bathroom cabinet, purse, glove compartment) for emergencies. This fast-acting formula neutralizes trauma and shock, restoring calm immediately. Take four drops every ten minutes during a crisis (accidents, emotional stress, hospital visits, fear of flying, dental visits, public speaking, etc.). May also used preventatively, at the first sign of illness.

- fast-acting relief for high-stress situations (trauma, loss of loved one, emotional upsets, accidents, etc.)
- emergencies/distress
- shock/trauma
- emotional upsets
- fear of: flying, public speaking, doctor visits, etc.
- travel stress (jetlag, overwhelm)
- use preventatively before stressful situations
- works for traumatized animals (add sixteen drops to small water bowl)

*Note: If anxiety is chronic, please use Peaceful Worrier or Safe and Sound


4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue.
1 bottle is a 1 month supply if taken as directed.
*May be taken more frequently as needed.

You can also add 16 drops to a large water bottle and drink throughout the day. Again - hold a few sips under your tongue for a few seconds.

FIRST AID KIT™ can be used every 10 minutes during particularly stressful situations until your condition improves.

Organic vegetable glycerine, spring water and a proprietary blend of organic, wild-harvested *Bach flower essences.


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