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POLLEN Illuminating Mist

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Leadtime: approx. 2-4 working days (within Germany)

Size: 100ml

The key to beautiful skin is in its pH!

Tap water disrupts the natural pH of the skin leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Restore the ideal pH to your skin with Pollen Illuminating Mist. Then encourage your skin to maintain that ideal pH by sealing it in with NECTAR Nourishing Face Oil or BARA Balm. POLLEN is an excellent way to prepare your eyelashes before applying mascara and can be used as a final step to set your makeup for the day.

A facial toner / toner should be an integral part of your daily care routine. Because the pH of tap water is more alkaline than the natural pH of your skin.
That is why it is so important to bring your skin back into balance after cleaning.

The rose hydrolate balances your skin tone, while minimally distilled aloe moisturizes your skin.

A delicate, flowery blend of essential oils, tenderizing vegetable glycerin, as well as witch hazel, provide anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.
POLLEN will quickly become a new beloved member of your care routine.

POLLEN also prepares your eyelashes perfectly before you want to apply mascara or is also often used as the last step to fix your make-up.


Gently rotate bottle, then mist onto freshly cleansed face and neck. For an added boost, spray face again after applying face oil. Use to set makeup and use as often as desired.

Rose hydrosol*, 100% fractionally distilled aloe vera, Witch Hazel*^, Colloidal silver, Vegetable Glycerine* Essential Oils Of: Bergamot FCF*^^, Ylang Ylang*, Geranium*

*Denotes certified organic ingredient
^Contains organic alcohol
^^Although bergamot expressed essential oil is notorious for phytotoxicity, we use a furocoumarin-free bergamot.In this way, we are able to utilize the benefits of this wonderful oil without having to avoid sun exposure.