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RAPHA Harmonizing Oil Cleanser

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Leadtime: approx. 2-4 working days (within Germany)

Size: 50ml

Heal your skin with the purifying effects of RAPHA Harmonizing Oil Cleanser.

Your skin is soothed and moisturized as RAPHA removes makeup, dissolves impurities and helps maintain the skin’s natural oils for optimal cleansing without depleting the skin of its moisture.

Cleaning your skin is the first step of your morning routine and the last before going to bed in the evening. That's exactly why it was H is for Love founder Bee
so important to create a cleansing product that brings your skin back into harmony. RAPHA communicates with your skin at cell level and speaks the language of peace and harmony.

A combination of different oils and essential oils, which when mixed in perfectly coordinated amounts, your skin optimally prepared for the day & night. RAPHA is based on nutrient-rich oils mixed with various herbs, which have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and extremely soothing effect on your skin.

RAPHA contains CO2-extracted chamomile, which is known for its high matricin content (a colorless, crystalline active ingredient from the individual flowers of chamomile). Matricin is a highly effective, anti-inflammatory substance that helps your skin heal.

As an evening cleansing oil, the scent of RAPHA calms your senses and evokes your inner peace. Applied in the morning, it immediately raises your mood.

RAH-FAH - Hebrew for 'healer'


(a.m.) Massage a small amount of cleanser into damp skin. With a warm, damp cloth, steam face for a minimum of 10 seconds. Gently wipe away remaining oil.

(p.m.) Massage 4-6 pumps of cleanser into dry skin. Allow the nutrient-rich herbal oils to fully dissolve makeup and debris. Steam and remove as above. Follow with a gentle exfoliant when necessary.

May also be massaged into dry skin and removed with a dry cloth if cleansing with water is not the preferred method.

Olive Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Castor Bean Oil*, Mixed Tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E), Chamomile*, Calendula*, Essential Oils Of: Roman Chamomile, Lemon*, German Chamomile CO2*, Frankincense*, Rosemary Antioxidant CO2*, Turmeric CO2*, Lavender*

*Certified organic
*We source herbs and flowers from small farms whose crops are beautiful and fresh. Because of this, RAPHA's color may vary from batch to batch.


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