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Vitality Boost Coffee

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Discover the powerful benefits of Reishi while enjoying So Mush Organic's Vitality Boost Coffee. Reishi is used in traditional medicine to strengthen the immune system and combat stress. It is the perfect ally to get through stressful days.

Probably the best-known and best-researched medicinal mushroom of all. Reishi is mainly used to strengthen the immune system, increase resistance to stress (both physical and mental) and to regulate hormonal balance.

Bioactive compounds:

Polysaccharides, caffeine

100% natural & organic quality |extracts tested in a lab | made in France | contains no additives or preservatives | non-GMO | stimulates metabolism

15 sachets (4g / sachet) – 500mg adaptogenic plant and mushroom extracts per coffee.

Mix the contents of one sachet with approx. 170ml hot water in a cup.
So Mush Organic recommends consuming 1 to 2 coffees per day (i.e. 500mg – 1000mg of mushroom and plant extracts).

All types of coffee blends can be combined and taken daily.

One Sachet:
Organic and Fairtrade instant coffee (3.5g), Organic Reishi extract (500mg)

Do So Mush Organic Coffee Sachets taste like regular coffee?
Yes! So Mush Organic always make sure to source the highest quality ingredients and the best coffee to offer delicious coffee. You won't taste the difference, just the delicious aromas of the organic and fair trade coffee.

How many coffee sachets should I drink per day? Can I combine different adaptogenic coffee blends?

All types of coffee can be combined excellently. So Mush Organic recommends consuming 1 to 2 coffees per day (equivalent to 500mg or 1000mg extracts).

When is the best time of day to drink adaptogenic coffee?

The adaptogenic coffee sachets can be consumed all day long. However, we recommend consuming them in the morning or early afternoon.

Are the ingredients certified organic?

Yes! All ingredients are certified organic and 100% natural. The powders and extracts are all tested for the presence of heavy metals, mold, pesticides and other potential disruptive factors.

Can allergic reactions occur?

Usually not. So Mush Organic products contain no allergens, even if individual allergic reactions are still possible when consuming a new ingredient (e.g. if you react to mushrooms). If you have any concerns, please contact a healthcare professional to evaluate your sensitivity to medicinal mushrooms.

Can I consume So Mush Organic products while breastfeeding and pregnant?

We recommend that you consult a doctor before consuming So Mush Organic products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

What is the difference between medicinal mushroom powder and extract?

There is a key difference between powder and extract:
The extract is created from an extraction process that, depending on the medicinal mushroom, enables the extraction of 4 to 15 times more bioactive compounds. Some fiber is lost, but other active ingredients are released: the polysaccharides. These bioactive compounds have been proven to have the greatest benefit to the body and contribute the most to the medicinal properties of mushrooms. The extracts are often consumed in smaller quantities and have a stronger and faster effect. The powder comes from the whole mushroom, which is dried and then ground. This process preserves the fiber, vitamins and minerals as the drying process takes place at a moderate temperature (below 40°C). This is often the preferred form for consumers seeking a detoxifying effect.

What bioactive compounds are contained in So Mush Organic products?

So Mush Organic enriches all of their coffee blends with powerful adaptogenic plants and mushrooms, carefully selected for their outstanding properties, quality and content of bioactive compounds. Only highly concentrated mushroom extracts are used, tested for their content of bioactive compounds and containing at least 30% polysaccharides (the bioactive compounds responsible for most of their medicinal properties).