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White Jade Full Body Gua Sha Tool

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Thanks to its large, yet handy size, this Gua Sha tool is ideal for the use on the entire body.

Our White Jade Full Body Gua Sha Tool is ideal to use on the whole body and can either be used to gently stimulate the lymph flow or for deeper tissue massage and to loosen sticky fasciae. You can also use this beauty tool on the face as well if you want to.

What does Gua Sha mean?

Gua Sha is a massage technique that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many years to relieve muscle pain and tension all over the body. When used on the face, light pressure and gentle strokes are used to stimulate blood flow and promote cell repair and healing while promoting lymphatic drainage. When used on the body, more pressure is usually applied to the skin in order to massage the deep tissue. Regular use of Gua Sha on the face can help tighten the skin, soften fine lines, and promote skin elasticity. Gua Sha stimulates the Qi, the flowing life force, while it dissolves stagnation in the tissue.


- can reduce swelling
- can reduce water retention
- can improve the absorption of your skincare products
- stimulates blood circulation
- can improve the elasticity of the skin
- relieves tension
- can improve the appearance of fine lines and tiger stripes
- can even out an irregular skin tone
- the lymph flow is stimulated
- can loosen sticky fasciae
- better 'sculpting effect', thanks to its special shape

Why we love White Jade:

Effects on the psyche:

has a calming effect, brings calm and serenity with it, aura protection stone, helps you to put yourself together in stressful situations, protects you from negative energies, filters distractions and draws attention to the best possible result and helps you to make decisions, helps you to focus

Effect on the body:

has a supportive effect on connective tissue weaknesses, as well as inflammatory and chronic venous and nerve diseases, can relieve water retention in the body, is supposed to relieve joint pain

It is a natural product. Color and pattern may differ. Each piece is unique. Small, sand to beige-colored inclusions or light streaks are very typical and natural.

Packed in a bag made of 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and printed with a water-based, non-harmful ink. The beautiful design is from our good and extremely talented friend Kim Lea Adam from KLA(R)!

1 stone

Thanks to its size and shape, this stone is ideal for use on the body. Use the beauty tool on cleansed and preferably oiled skin so that the stone can glide gently over your skin. Always work your way towards the heart. Start with your legs, then your arms and finally your stomach, your hips and, if possible, your back.

In order to stimulate the lymph flow, lay the stone almost completely flat with the edge on the skin and glide it towards the heart. For a deeper tissue massage, use the comb edges and work with more pressure.


Never forget to clean your beauty tool thoroughly after using it. The best way to do this is to use lukewarm water and a mild soap.

100% natural white jade

Dimensions Gua Sha Tool:
approx. 9cm high
approx. 10cm wide

Dimensions Bag:
approx. 20cm high
approx. 14.5cm wide


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