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You Are The Medicine - Face & Body Mask

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A magical face and body mask + scented bath powder combined in a unique and vibrant product. Always produced by hand in small batches.

Max and Me
created the exquisite, luxurious Your Are The Medicine Ceremonial Bath Mask to celebrate the magical, mystical being that you are. This is a true gift to you from the plant world. Each tiny wing of this magical pink powder reaches far into the depths of who you are and brings out the healer, the alchemist, the artist, the mediator, the magician within you: you are the medicine.

Let the search outside of you stop here. Land in your beautiful body and sink deep into the skin you live in. With each immersion in this ceremonial bath mask, love for yourself will grow, holding all the colors of the rainbow in full force, invoking a higher level of self-love, and igniting self-healing and self-discovery. Immerse yourself in fragrant water and let your body soak up the infinite nourishment and strength within. Take a moment to realize that you are the source. You are the medicine


- stimulates self-healing
- has a stabilizing & regulating effect on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
- helps you to regain your balance
- provides strength and stability
- connection in all dimensions, supporting your biochemistry
- has a calming effect on problematic and irritated skin
- stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
- has a clarifying and detoxifying effect
- return to parts of your being that need care and regeneration
- balances the moisture content of the skin
- promotes muscle relaxation, as well as pain relief
- has an aromatherapeutic balancing and regulating effect
- has an energetically stabilizing and connecting effect


"While all the ingredients used make my heart sing, I had a very specific focus when formulating it. I was looking for plants that bestow upon us their blue aura, which ignites self-healing in energy work. A blue aura occurs regardless of the physical color that an essential oil or other ingredient brings. Ingredients that carry a blue aura are rare as precious gemstones. My beloved allies in this blend are Yarrow, Benzoin Siam, and Blue Tansy. All three have been gentle and lovingly delivered by plant whisperers from every corner of this beautiful global garden: Germany, Vietnam and Morocco." - Tanja, founder of Max & Me


This plant spirit with its light blue aura takes care of troubled, wounded skin and manages everything from painful conditions to inflammatory diseases, acne, dermatitis, allergies, scars and bruises and masters self-healing. In addition, the same yarrow that Max & Me uses has excellent properties when it comes to acting as a link for physical processes and for spiritual growth. In addition, yarrow is a plant for visionary experiences.

Benzoin Siam:

With its blue-violet aura, it wonderfully promotes communication with the spirit and encourages you to increase your energy every day, to think finer thoughts, to act more kindly and to love yourself better. At the same time, skin irritations, cracked or itchy conditions and wounds are treated and relieved in an incredible way.

Blue Tansy:

Another blue self-healing enhancer that invites you to see the world through the lens of beauty. It gives you the gift of perceiving light and love, spells and magic even in the darkest hours. This master healer is known for its antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial talents. Every time we talk about traumatized, irritated, and acne-prone skin, this beauty comes into play. Blue tansy is also good for treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, and relieving depression.

Aromatic bouquet:

Your Are The Medicine envelops you in a sense of belonging and sensuality. Irresistible and intoxicating at the same time. A sweet and rich masterpiece,
that evokes softness and warmth. An olfactory magnetic field. Lush, but


Use a small bowl and a brush to mix the powder with water and paint your body with it. Whether daily or once a week, gently mix a ratio of 1 tablespoon mask with 3 teaspoons water until a mousse-like texture forms. Mix with the brush to a slightly fluffy paste. The less water you use and the longer you let the mixture steep, the thicker and muddier the Ceremonial Bath Mask will be.

Call out the creator, the artist in you and indulge in joyful, intuitive play. Immerse yourself in the joy of painting your whole body, face, neck and even your hair in long, gentle strokes or feel inspired to paint symbols, words, patterns and anything that comes to mind at that moment.

As the mask dries, another magic unfolds:

The diverse color change to a bright shade of green. Take a moment to absorb this energy within you. Run a bath and sprinkle some of the pink powdery treat into the water, making a wish or saying aloud/silently an affirmation each time. As soon as you immerse yourself in your warm bath, gently rub off the pre-applied mask in the tub to infuse the bathwater with its vibrancy and fragrance. Enjoy every second of this ceremonial bathing ritual.

Rosa Damascena Flower Powder (Rose Flower Powder)1, Himalayan Crystal Salt1, Theobroma Criollo Seed Powder (Cacao Powder)1, Kaolin Montmorillonite (Rose Clay)2, Sodium Bicarbonate2, Rosa Canina Fruit Powder (Rosehip Powder)1, Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo Powder)2, Santalum Austrocaldonicum Powder (Sandalwood Powder)2, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder (Hibiscus Flower Powder)1, Ascorbic Acid Powder (Vitamin C), Diatomaceous Earth (Silicia)2, Styrax Tonkinensis Gum Powder (Siam Benzoin)2, Ocinum Sanctum Leaf Powder (Tulsi Powder)1, Rosa Damascena (Rose Damask) Flower Oil1, Jasminum Sambac (Jasmine) Flower Extract1, Styrax Tonkinensis (Siam Benzoin) Resinoid2, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Oil1, Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Flower Oil1, Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Flower Oil1, Tanacetum Anuum (Blue Tansy) Flower Oil1, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Oil1, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil2, Alcohol1, Benzyl Benzoate4, Benzyl Cinnamate4, Benzyl Salicylate4 , Cineol4, Citral4, Citronellol4, Ethanol4, Eugenol4, Farnesol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4

1from monitored organic cultivation2 wild-crafted 3 from monitored organic wild-grown harvest 4 natural constituents of essential oils