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Charity Make Up Pouch

Even when Genuine Selection was just an idea in our heads, we knew that the theme of charity would be central to our work. It is important for us to give back and support great associations / projects in their work. No matter if for humans, animals or the environment - we want to change something in the future with your help! It was clear quite fast that we want to offer something practical and useful and it should be sustainable.

Women in particular know the problem - when you are out and about, you don't want to do without lip care, sun protection, hand cream or your beloved make-up. You throw the individual products into your handbag and that's where the problem begins. If you need lip care, you first have to search the entire bag. Handbags are usually not very hygienic either and so dirt and bacteria often end up directly on our products (even if only on the packaging, but believe us - the bacteria also find their way directly into the product).

Our Charity Make Up Pouch solves both problems and also looks super good. The pouch is made of 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and is printed with a water-based, non-harmful ink. The beautiful design we have given to our good and very talented friend Kim Lea Adam from KLA(R)! Illustration & Design thanks to you. She is also the creative mind behind our greeting cards, our logo and our printed wrapping paper!

With every Charity Make Up Pouch sold, 5€ flow directly into our charity fund and will be donated at regular intervals to a charity project of our choice. Currently we support Kinderschutzengel e.V. from Berlin. Here you can find out more about this great project, which is very close to our hearts.

Donation amount 2019: 400€

We thank you for your support!

Sina & Jonas